"Pleased with excellent, immediate assistence in adjusting my saxophone. I was shown how I was using the wrong type of reed incorrectly placing it. These guys used to run Quick's Music, which I sorely miss. That's where my kids got lessons and instrument repair in the late 90's."

"We have leased all of our daughters instruments here from the violin to the flute we've never had an issue with getting the instrument we need in the time frame that we needed it."

"These guys are always great, the service is really good when you need help and even when I was considering buying a used baritone instead of renting one from them...they were still helpful. The place is next door to the Fry's parking lot and it is very convenient to have this place close to my home. My son has been trying out band now for 2 years and may even keep on with it. After doing research it seems to be better to rent than to own since there is maintenance and the cheaper baritones on Amazon are junky according to the music teacher. So I am grateful to have these guys nearby. Always very fair and reasonable with us."





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