The Valley's Most Complete Repair Department

 With a repair department established well before the already 24 year old company, Allegro Music features at it's core an unrivaled repair shop that's guaranteed better, faster, and cheaper than any other in Arizona.  
Seasoned pros, music students, and educators find they can get precisely what they need from their woodwinds, brasswinds, strings, and percussion instruments by taking them to their local Allegro Music store.

Woodwind Instruments

 Services provided include - but are not limited to...

  • General Service: adjust, regulate, minor pads, etc...

  • Complete Repad

  • Overhaul

  • Key work/cork

  • Spring replacement

  • Cork Replacement (tenon, mouthpiece & neck)

  • Polishing/Cleaning

Woodwind Tenon Repairs

  • Sax Neck Cork

  • Woodwind Joint Corks

  • Oboe and Bassoon Wrapped Tenons

  • Woodwind Tenon Replacements

Complete Repad Includes all new pads and corks, springs where needed, minor cleaning, complete level and adjustment, play test and regulation.
Overhaul Complete disassemble, removal of all dents, buff and lacquer, new pads, corks, felts, springs, complete fit and swedging of all keys, complete level and adjustment, play test, regulation.

Brasswind Instruments

Services provided include - but are not limited to...

  • General Service: Free-up sticky valves, pull & lube stuck slides

  • Brass Chemical Clean

  • Silver Plate Chemical Clean

  • Overhaul

  • Trombone Slide Dent Removal & Adjustment 

  • Minor Dent Removal

  • Major Dent Removal 

  • Brace/Post Resolder

  • Water Key Cork Replacement

Silver Plate Polish

  • Trumpet, Trombone

  • French Horn, Mellophone

  • Baritone, Euphonium

  • Tuba, Sousaphone

Chemical Clean Includes dissasembly, minor dent removal, dip in chemical, complete brush out, new corks and felts, play test. 
Overhaul Includes all dent removal, buffing, new lacquer, tuning slide alignment, valve adjustment, minor case repair, play test.

Fretted Instruments

Services provided include - but are not limited to...

  • General Service: String Replacement, Tune, Clean/Polish...

  • Proper Set-up (Action, Intonation)

  • Level And Crown Frets, Complete Refret Or Partial Fret Job

  • Broken Neck

  • Body Cracks

  • Humidify

  • Install New Machine Heads

  • Remove And Replace Pickups

  • Electronics

Orchestral Instruments

 Services provided include - but are not limited to...

  • General Service: Restring & Tuning, Bridge Reset

  • Bow Rehair

  • Tip Replacement

  • Peg Fitting

  • Soundpost Setting

  • Nut Replacement

  • Grip Replacement

  • Tailgut Replacement

  • Bridge Replacement

  • Install New Machine Heads

  • Proper Set-up

  • Neck Reset


 Services provided include - but are not limited to...

  • General Service: Evaluations

  • Pot Cleaning

  • Tube Amp Re-tubing/ Biasing

  • Amplifier Re-capping 

  • Speaker Reconing/ Replacement

  • Pickup Installation

  • Output Jack Repair

  • Effects Pedals

* We also service most electronic & digital keyboards, but charge an evaluation fee for digital keyboards.  

The Allegro Advantage

Part of The Allegro Advantage is not just the quality of work done, it's also the way your repair cost is determined.
In short, if you simply need your instrument to function properly, the technician will only make what adjustments were absolutely necessary.
In contrast, if you're interested in going beyond function and would like preventive maintenance, replacement of aging pads, an overhaul, something of that nature, an estimate will be provided and your approval required. 
If the cost is more than the quoted average, we'll call first for approval.

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